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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Acumulate Talent Ecosystem?

    Acumulate is the verb: to gather together and increasing quantity of Acumatica Talent. The Ecosystem is designed to enable Acumatica Partners globally to source all the talent they need, across any discipline, to grow their business. In turn the candidates that search for jobs within the ecosystem have the unique opportunity to become Acumatica Certified for no cost before they've actually gained a role at an Acumatica Partner. The Acumulate Ecosystem is also the only place where contractors can gain and retain their Acumatica certification and work with Acumatica Partners.Our overall goal is to provide a great service whilst significantly increasing the number of Acumatica Certified candidates in the cloud ERP and CRM Ecosystem.

  • How does this work for a Partner?

    A Partner subscribes to the Talent Ecosystem and can then have unlimited users and post an unlimited number of roles to the Ecosystem. You will gain a personal Account Manager from twentyAI who will guide you through the use of the system and ensure everything possible is done to find the talent for each role you post. A Partner is also able to search existing talent on the Acumulate Ecosystem and our unique AI matching algorithm will instantly show you the best available matches for each role as soon as you post them. A Partner can utilize twentyAI as much as they want or liaise with candidates directly through the built-in messaging, interview organizing and video interview tools. As soon as a candidate is selected, twentyAI are again on hand to make sure offers, acceptance, resignation, on boarding, and certifications etc all run smoothly.

    For more information please see our Partner Terms of Use 

  • How does this work for cloud ERP & CRM talent?

    Any candidate currently skilled, or interested in, cloud ERP or CRM technologies can search for opportunities within the Ecosystem. We support permanent and contract candidates and supply a variety of skill sets to Acumatica Partners. Our goal is to enable any ERP candidate to navigate their entire career within the Acumulate Ecosystem while also enabling an easy path to Acumatica certification. We are able to facilitate Acumatica certifications before you are employed by an Acumatica Partner to ensure you are as attractive a candidate as possible and we are also the only provider to Acumatica Partners globally that can enable contractors to gain and retain their Acumatica certification.

    For more information please see our Candidate Terms of Use 

  • Who are twentyAI?

    We are a Global Talent Solutions business with a vision to unite the power of people, data and technology to transform how organizations grow, scale and diversify. We have a division of people focussed purely on cloud ERP & CRM talent acquisition that are dedicated to supporting the Acumulate Ecosystem and ensuring that every Partner and Candidate is supported through their respective journey to find the next hire for their business or career opportunity. Our goal with the Acumulate Ecosystem is to support Acumatica Partners and highlight the value of gaining Acumatica Certifications to all within the ERP and CRM talent community. To find out more check us out at 

  • Which skills are covered by the Acumulate Talent Ecosystem?

    We support all the cloud ERP skills that Acumatica Partners seek to hire. In addition to Acumatica talent that includes the following:

    • Microsoft Dynamics
    • Workday
    • Salesforce
    • Sage
    • Netsuite
    • SAP

    We also encourage all registered candidates, no matter what their skill set, to consider gaining Acumatica certifications through our unique partnership with Acumatica which enables certification before you are employed by a Partner.

    If you are a Partner looking to hire a skill not included in this list reach out to your Account Manager at twentyAI or message and we will advise the next best steps.

  • Can I use the Acumulate Talent Ecosystem to find work if I’m already employed in a role?

    Yes. If you are not currently employed by an Acumatica Partner you can immediately use the Acumulate Ecosystem to gain certification, search for a job and message prospective employers.

    Acumulate and twentyAI will never actively poach talent from one Partner to place in another. However, you can use the Acumulate ecosystem to search for a role yourself on a permanent or contract basis. If you have found a permanent job through the Acumulate Ecosystem we will disable your ability to proactively search for new opportunities through the Ecosystem for 12 months from your initial start date and also hide your profile from other Acumatica Partners. At any point after 12 months you can reactivate your account.

    If you are a contract candidate you can register your profile and also update your dates of availability so Partners can find you in advance and book you for their next project.

    For more information see our Candidate Terms of Use 

  • What are the costs for an Acumatica Partner?

    An Acumatica partner pays a subscription fee of $50 per month or $550 annually to access the Ecosystem. For this they will gain a dedicated Account Manager and obviously all the features of the Ecosystem. The Account manager will also ensure all their opportunities are advertised anonymously on multiple job boards outside of the ecosystem, field and screen the advert responses and highlight any new and existing candidates in the Ecosystem that could be a fit for the role. twentyAI will also proactively search our database, Linkedin and other social media accounts to source the best quality candidates at no extra cost. twentyAI will be there through every step of the process ensuring all questions are answered.

    Should a partner make a permanent hire there is a one-off fee based on a fixed % of basic salary, which is the same for all partners.

    Should a partner hire a contractor there is a fixed margin applied to the hourly rate which takes into account all costs of employment, compliance, reference checks, benefits, training costs, insurance, legal fees etc. The % margin is also the same for all Partners.

    For more information please see our Partner Terms of Business.

    All our costs are significantly below market rate and have been negotiated directly with Acumatica to give the Acumatica Partner community an exclusive and exceptional commercial rate and quality of service.

  • As a contractor how do I get paid?

    At the point of accepting a contract offer your twentyAI consultant will walk you through our candidate on boarding process which will differ slightly depending on whether you are a Corp or W2 employee. After you have completed your compliance checks and onboarding your twentyAI consultant will then demonstrate our online timesheet system. You will record your time worked which will be approved by your manager at the Acumatica Partner and you will be paid every 2 weeks by twentyAI.

    For more information please see our Candidate Terms of Use 

  • How do I speak to a consultant?

    Easy – call this number: +1 646 766 1203 or drop us a note at and we’ll call you right back.

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